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22/10/2018 · Courtesy of Steve Poizner and Ricardo Lara This November voters will get to choose the person who will head the largest consumer protection agency in California — a department that regulates the state's $310 billion insurance industry, the fourth largest in the world. 03/10/2018 · Poizner’s opponent is state Sen. Ricardo Lara D-Bell Gardens, a youthful, bright and prolific legislator who’s been most active promoting immigrants’ rights, aiding labor unions and extending health insurance coverage to more Californians. 21/10/2018 · Sen. Ricardo Lara, a Bell Gardens Democrat running against Poizner, said the GOP donors “show who he really is.” “Democrats know this is potentially a new Republican strategy, running candidates as independent to see if they can win statewide,” Lara said. Ricardo Lara born November 5, 1974 is an American politician who is currently serving as the 8th Insurance Commissioner of California. Lara was elected during the 2018 election, defeating former California insurance commissioner Steve Poizner.

13/10/2018 · In what could be a glimpse of California’s future, an independent candidate is on the November ballot for state insurance commissioner. Steve Poizner, who was elected to the post as a Republican in 2006 and served four years, is running again — this time without any party backing. He is facing Democratic state Sen. Ricardo Lara. 03/10/2018 · The state insurance commissioner not only oversees those functions, but also advocates for homeowners seeking insurance for natural disasters like wildfires and earthquakes. As part of our Election 2018 coverage, Forum meets insurance commissioner candidates state Sen. Ricardo Lara and tech entrepreneur Steve Poizner.

14/02/2018 · He’s joining a race that includes state Sen. Ricardo Lara of Bell Gardens and Asif Mahmood, a doctor from Los Angeles. Both are Democrats. Steve Poizner. The top two candidates in the June primary will advance regardless of political party. Poizner advocated for the insurance commissioner post to be non-partisan during his first campaign and. 04/11/2018 · One of the candidates running for California insurance commissioner lived without health insurance as a child.Democratic Sen. Ricardo Lara said he is the son of immigrants and lived in East Los Angeles as a child.“As somebody who grew up without health insurance, I’m the only candidate in this position,” he said. 04/11/2018 · Democrat Ricardo Lara and independent Steve Poizner have pledged to hold the insurance industry accountable, though they have different backgrounds and styles. As Insurance Commissioner, Steve Poizner pledged to block MediCal health insurance for immigrant children. Ricardo Lara won that health insurance for 250,000 immigrant children. That's the difference between them. Ricardo Lara. November 20, 2018 · I appreciate Mr. Poizner’s congratulatory call. 08/03/2018 · Arguably the two biggest names in the race are Ricardo Lara, a Democratic state Senator from Bell Gardens, and Steve Poizner, a technology entrepreneur and former Republican California insurance commissioner. Ricardo Lara Steve Poizner. Poizner, who served as insurance commissioner from 2007 to 2011, is running as an independent.

07/11/2018 · Republicans were once again shut out of California’s statewide offices Tuesday, but for the first time in history an independent candidate was threatening to join that Democrats-only club. Steve Poizner, a former Republican who changed his voter registration to no party preference, was trailing Democratic state Sen. Ricardo Lara of. 07/11/2018 · Democrat Ricardo Lara was leading Republican-turned-independent Steve Poizner in the race for California Insurance Commissioner. Lara had 50.8 percent of the vote, leading by 105,733 votes, with 95.7 percent of precincts reporting. The winner of the race will replace Dave Jones, a Democrat who.

Independent Steve Poizner is our first choice for California Insurance Commissioner in the June 5, 2018, primary, with Democratic Sen. Ricardo Lara a distant second for the top-two endorsement. But both need to show they’ll represent all of the state. 07/08/2018 · Steve Poizner, who would be the first independent to serve in a statewide office, is the best choice for voters on June 5. His record as insurance commissioner from 2007-11 was stellar. He followed through on his promise to keep politics out of the job and worked to make it. 09/04/2018 · It held shocking news for both Democrats in a solidly blue state: Poizner leads the field by 31 percent, with both Mahmood and Lara at 18 points. BUENOS DÍAS, good Monday morning. Tom Steyer brings his impeachment road show back to California this week, while the prospect of a trade war frays nerves from Silicon Valley to Los Angeles.

29/10/2018 · The two final candidates running are former commissioner Steve Poizner and state Sen. Ricardo Lara D-Bell Gardens. Poizner held one four-year term previously as Republican and left the office for an unsuccessful run for governor in 2011. He is also no longer a member of the GOP but running as an independent. Lara is openly gay and won the. Commissioner before election. Dave Jones Democratic. Elected Commissioner. Ricardo Lara Democratic. Poizner's personal net worth is believed to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars. In June 2011, Poizner co-founded Empowered Careers, a mobile learning platform technology company in partnership with UCLA and Creative Artists Agency. In February 2014, Steve Poizner was inducted into the Silicon Valley Engineering Council Hall of Fame. 01/11/2018 · San Diego, Calif.- Three recent polls show independent candidate for Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner continuing to lead Democrat Ricardo Lara. Poizner leads Lara on average 44.5% to 38.7%. He's doing it with NPP voters, as well as Republican voters. Poizner is the overwhelming choice for the.

  1. 17/10/2018 · California state Sen. Ricardo Lara and technology entrepreneur and former California insurance commissioner Steve Poizner will face off in the race for California insurance commissioner in November after the closest primary election for a statewide office this year.
  2. Steve Poizner is trying to get his old job back while state Sen. Ricardo Lara is vying to keep the seat in Democratic hands. Poizner, a longtime Republican who recently changed his party affiliation and is running as an independent, was the state insurance commissioner from 2006 to 2010.
  3. 30/10/2018 · Democratic State Sen. Ricardo Lara, who is running for California Insurance Commissioner, showcased his opponent’s past stance on immigration in recent full-page newspaper ads in Sacramento and the Central Valley. This claim from the ads caught our attention: "As Insurance Commissioner, Steve Poizner pledged to block immigrant.

Ricardo Lara. Steve Poizner; Currently: California State Senator. Party. Democrat. The job of insurance regulation may sound dry, but Ricardo Lara hopes to bring the same progressive energy he honed in the state Legislature to the job. He promises to fight for stronger consumer protections. 16/10/2018 · Sen. Ricardo Lara, a Bell Gardens Democrat running against Poizner, said the GOP donors “show who he really is.” “Democrats know this is potentially a new Republican strategy, running candidates as independent to see if they can win statewide,” Lara said. In the insurance commissioner contest, Republican-turned-unaffiliated Steve Poizner has carved out a slimmer, five-point lead 49 percent to 44 percent over state Sen. Ricardo Lara.-- The state superintendent race has attracted the most outside spending of any statewide contest. 05/04/2018 · State Sen. Ricardo Lara, the son of formerly undocumented immigrants from Mexico, called Poizner’s decision to run as an independent “disingenuous,” and said he planned to educate voters about Poizner’s past statements on immigrants. “You don’t forget those remarks about families like mine,” Lara, D-Bell Gardens, said in an interview. 17/09/2018 · On September 14, an IHeartMedia-KFI-KNBC poll was released for the California Insurance Commissioner race. It shows independent Steve Poizner with 34%, Democrat Ricardo Lara at 27%, and undecided at 39%. If Poizner wins, he will be the first independent.

Steve Poizner. Ricardo Lara; Currently: Businessman, former California Insurance Commissioner. Party. Nonpartisan. Partisanship may define just about everything in politics, but Steve Poizner says the job of insurance commissioner shouldn’t be about party loyalty, but competence and experience.

07/06/2018 · Independent NPP candidate for Insurance Commissioner, Steve Poizner is looking to become the first independent to win statewide office. Poizner was the top vote getter in the June 5th primary election, besting Democrat Senator Ricardo Lara. 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